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I have no car

WTF did my cars go its all blue now fix the bug NOW!!!!

Too expensive

Real Racing 3 is a great game however fully upgrading cars costs way too much, making it hard to complete races. The R$ and gold you receive for completing races and championships doesnt compare. Making the game frustrating.


I have switched from a HTC desire 601 to iPhone 6s and cant believe my eyes gaming on mobile its so great and this game its just the top Im a big fan of GT and this game remind my this game so well + the customizable look of NFS, on a cellphone with really great graphics, its just amazing!! P.S: I turn off all assistance and unable steering, gas and brake.

Designed for purchases

Not quite sure how it justifies requiring far more coins to upgrade and or buy cars than you can win, except that this game is designed for you to spend actual money on purchasing coins. Too bad, because it is a great game otherwise.

Top Game on my I Pad

Played lots of em and this racing game has me for months now.


Regular price of gold is $139 for about 1100 gold. On sale is about 1500 gold. Regular price of r$ is $139 for 5m. Sale price you get 20m. There should be more of these sales


Cars everything is so cooöooooooooooooolllłllllł!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡


So Ive been playing this game it has taken me so much with its awesomeness. I even deleted my old game I was into for this. So any whoop I was doing my NASCAR and the problem was little. The problem being that so your in 4rth it took you 5 laps to move from 8th to 4rth and then wait for it... Car lightly taps the side of your car and you go from 190. 200kpm To 120 kpm. What in the actual **** is that then get shifted down to 17th place with 3 laps left in the race. Super not cool like its my last race in NASCAR I waisted money on this car and gold on this stupid series I now cant even finish. please do something about it..


Love wasting time to it. Graphics are A+.

Awesome game

This is an awesome game


Why cant I load my old profile its saying failed to load. :( plz fix that

I love this game

One of my fav

Decent Graphics, decent game.

Its an okay game, but if you want a car that goes on sale youll either have to: 1: Spend a lot of money to get enough coins 2: Play for days to get enough coins Make cars a bit cheaper and a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Real Racing 3!

Please add customizable races

Please add a long, straight German autobahn track that is so long, it can test the top speed of any car, its so much fun to drive the Bugatti at 250+ mph but theres no track long and straight enough to test top speed And please add ability to customize a race, you get to choose and customize! Type of race, cup, endurance, drag race, etc Time of day, dawn, morning, night etc Which track you want and what configuration the track How many opponents and what car they are What car you want to drive for this race etc. And I love the Nissan Skyline R34, but its slow and has very small upgrade tree, it should have a very big upgrade tree, be able to be upgraded to 2.9 sec 0-60, 220 mph top speed, and 1.4g skid pad Please add these features!

Absolutely Superb game!!

Ive been playing RR3 for the last 3 years and Ive found it profoundly addictive. Its a one of a kind experience in racing games ever!

Real racing 3

Simply a fantastic racing game with great graphics and game play. Of course there are in app purchases but if you are willing to do the "grinding" you dont need them. Like Grand Turismo or Forza on your phone or tablet. I cant say enough good things

Real racing 3

Lots of fun.

Great game

Like the graphics and game play. Dont have to drop a lot of money. Ads are minimal. Higher levels are a bit difficult. Overall, love the game.


So much fun to use!


Hands down the best racing video game yet, things that could make it better - online players get penalized (reduced speed) for bashing other players. Change the points system to REAL RACING points systems ie: 10 for first down to zero. BAN the cheaters in all online gaming. And last but not least if you change the pricing to $0.99 you will sell waaaaaaaaaay more think about it.

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